Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions for each category concerning the hip replacement. In the practical information section you will also find frequently asked practical questions.
If you have a specific question that was not covered, you can always request information via the fill in form.
For an explanation of the used medical terms, you can also go to the section dictionary - abbreviations.
Of course these are an answer to the questions according to the vision of the center for knee and hip surgery. That is why you may receive a different answer from other colleagues.

Specific questions concerning the consultation

  1. What do I bring to the consultation
    If you have old radiographic recordings, bring them to the consultation.
  2. Can I pay with credit card?
    On the consultation there is no possibility to pay with Bancontact or Proton.

Specific questions regarding the recording

  1. When is my hospitalisation
    In principle, you will be hospitalized the day before the procedure. For this you register at the reception of the new building, first floor of the AZ Maria-Middelares between 14 and 15h. You do not have to be sober.
  2. What do I bring to the hospital


    • the brown envelope that you received at the consultation
    • identity card
    • SIS card and stickers from your health insurance fund or other insurance institution
    • address and phone number of the person to whom we can turn during your stay

    Have any forms (health insurance, hospitalization insurance, certificates of all kinds) filled in at the secretariat of the outpatient clinic, Sint-Denijslaan 351, 9000 Ghent and not at the hospital


    • 2 stools
    • the results of the preliminary studies
    • possibly X-rays
    • blood group card (if you own it)
    • list of medicines you use, with time of intake and dose
    • a reference to any allergies or diet to follow


    • toilet equipment (washcloths, towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shaving)
    • sleeping attire, dressing gown, slippers
    • easy loose clothes for example a short for men (the operated leg can swell slightly as a result of the procedure), flat running shoes

    Do not bring large sums of money or valuable objects. The hospital can not be held liable for any loss or theft.


Specific questions regarding the dismissal

  1. How long is the hospitalisation
    The duration of hospitalization depends on the age and general condition of the patient and less dependent on the type of hip replacement that was used. Classical you have to count on a week of hospitalization. For example, you will be hospitalized on a Tuesday, the surgery will take place on Wednesday and you can leave the hospital on the following Tuesday.
  2. Should I go to a recovery center after hospitalisation
    Very briefly a short stay in a recovery center or rehabilitation center is necessary. This is especially true for people who live alone and who have little help at home. Recovery cities sometimes have long waiting times. That is why you should submit an application to the secretariat as soon as possible after the appointment of an operation date. You do not have to do anything else, the social service of the hospital will arrange everything for you.

Specific questions regarding follow-up

  1. When should I come to consultation

    An initial inspection study with radiography is scheduled two months after the procedure. At the moment the hip is often smooth. Sometimes you experience a slight limping: this lack of strength is strongly dependent on the condition before the operation. This should not be a reason for panic: the body will gradually adapt to your artificial hip.

    A second inspection will follow five months after the operation. You do not need to make a new radiograph, you will bring the previous radiography.

    In the longer term, a triennial check is useful to follow the evolution by means of radiographs.