Hospital stay

General Daily schedule

Order and times may change due to unforeseen circumstances or be adjusted for medical reasons.

07.15 tot 07.30 uur


08.00 uur

Nursing care, examinations and treatments
Doctor visit during the day

11.15 uur


12.00 uur

Midday rest

14.00 uur

Start of afternoon visit

15.00 uur

Afternoon care

17.15 uur


18.00 uur

Evening care

20.00 uur

End of visit


Patients who have a telephone set in their room can be called directly between 6 am and 10 pm.

  • The direct number is composed as follows: 09 2606 + room number (in 3 digits)
  • General: a fixed telephone is placed in a single and double room.

In multi-person rooms, you can use a telephone on request, subject to payment of a supplement. There is a telephone booth in the entrance hall.


Radio en TV

Radio distribution is provided in every room. In the room the music selection is made via the handset. In the multi-bed rooms only one patient can set the music on the room loudspeaker, ie the bed closest to the door. By adjusting to program 5, the sound of the television set can be listened to via the room loudspeaker.

The use of a TV is included in the price in a single and double room.

Lecture and library

Daily and weekly newspapers can be purchased at the restaurant. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, volunteers take care of the delivery of the books from the hospital library. This loan is free.


The restaurant for patients and visitors is located on the ground floor in the Internal Medicine building. The route is indicated both from the hall in the Internal Medicine building and from the hall in the Surgery building. From the hall follow the signposting in the yellow color with the icon for restaurant (fork & knife).

Opening hours:

weekdays: 8.00 - 19.00
Saturdays & Sundays and public holidays: 11 am - 7 pm
Service until 18.45.

Visiting hours between 14 en 20h.

  • A short visit fascinates, a long visit is exhausting!

  • Respect the visiting hours; any abnormalities are requested from a nurse.

Paying parking

In order to offer you and your visitors optimal parking options, we have introduced paying parking on both campuses.

When entering the parking lot you take a ticket at the barrier. If you leave the car park within the hour, you can leave the car park for free with the same ticket. If your visit lasts longer than one hour, you must pay the ticket at the ticket machines at the reception.

Family members or visitors who visit the same patient more than once a day can rent a badge. This badge may only be used during the recording period. A EUR 12.50 deposit and an advance of EUR 12.50 are requested. Upon return, the deposit is returned and the number of days is calculated. A maximum of 2 EUR will be charged per day.
The badge can be rented at the reception of the Internal Medicine building.